How The Cosmetic Tattoo Is Changing The Beauty Industry

Cosmetic tattoos have seen an increase in popularity over the years from social media, as people can see celebrities like Kylie Jenner and big shots in the modeling industry light up with ink. Before we begin, cosmetic tattoos used to be referred to as “Permanent Makeup.”

Unbeknownst to many, permanent makeup was a secret many women around the world used to make themselves look fabulous. With the popularity of tattoos, society has now shifted to cosmetic tattoos.

What Is a Cosmetic Tattoo?

It is a form of tattoo that improves beauty. They are permanent, but they are removable with laser treatments or dermabrasion. Cosmetic tattoos can be used to cover up scars, enhance eyebrows and lips, create eyeliner or lip liner, and make the face appear more youthful. You may be wondering “what are the different types of cosmetic tattoos?” This tutorial will discuss the eight most common types; if you’re ready, let’s begin!

cosmetic tattoo

How To Get Beauty Marks After You're Born!

Beauty marks that look like birthmarks are becoming popular due to the growth of cosmetic tattooing. Using a process called microblading, means that while it isn’t a permanent design, the effects last longer than other forms of makeup application. In essence, you get to have a custom-designed birthmark.

Your Eyebrows Are Amazing!

Eyebrow tattooing

It goes without saying that women spend hours on end, try tons of products and spend lots of money to have astonishing looking eyebrows. The problem is, one wrong move and they are forced to wipe it all away and start from scratch!

Eyebrow tattooing has revolutionized the beauty industry, making it easier and quicker for women to do their makeup in 2021 and beyond.

Eye Liners Like The Kardashians

Want that Cleopatra look without the hassle? How about the Kardashians? Your solution is eyeliner tattoos. With the advancement of technology and tattoo procedures, tattooing eyelids have become as easy as getting a facial.

Freckles Are Not Just a Fad

Freckle tattoos have undergone a surge in popularity on social media and, by far, they are the mildest tattooed facial skin treatment. If you’re looking to get freckle tattoos, we recommend researching cosmetic microblading and then contact us. Deciding on freckle tattoos requires some deep soul searching because undoing this process will be costly. Just so you know, you want to make sure that you select semi-permanent ink, in case you have a change of heart after the procedure.

Does Your Hair Line Define You?

In certain circles, hairlines are just as critical as being hydrated or eating the proper diet! From the edges to the baby hair and hiding that big forehead, some women will do anything to beautify their natural hairline that they are dissatisfied with. Ten years ago, this procedure was predominantly performed on men, but it started trending with women and now they lead the way for those using ink to better express their hairlines.

Your Kiss, Your Lips, and Your New Lip Liner

Having sexy look lips takes a lot of practice using assorted brands of lipstick and different techniques. Not any more! Today, you can use a process called microblading, which is another name for a cosmetic tattoo, and never have to worry about doing your lip liner for a long time.

Skin Tone Discoloration Begone!

The days of using makeup to hide skin tone discolorations are over. With the development of microblading, tattoo artists can now work with semi-permanent make-up to lighten or darken skin tones. This minimizes the appearance of scars and imperfections in people’s complexion.

Whether you have skin that is blemished due to vitiligo, a serious burn, or an unwanted birthmark, experts in cosmetic tattooing can change your outlook in no time.

Away With Those Unsightly Stretch Marks

Virtually all women hate stretch marks; they are described as being worse than a runway model having pimples. Cosmetic tattooing has a number of benefits. It can make your stretch marks less visible, which may be helpful if they are noticeable or bothersome to you.

Cosmetic tattooing does not improve stretch marks or remove them, but an artist can provide a way to make the stretched skin color match that of your other skin. We must advise you, tattooing over stretch marks can be a challenging and time-consuming procedure, which is why you will need a professional consultation before proceeding.

There you have it, the eight most common cosmetic tattoo procedures. At Red Ink Tattoos, we can perform cosmetic procedures in a case-by-case scenario. Contact us to determine if we can help you.