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Tattoo Design

Tattoo designs are an expression of the artist and a personal statement for the wearer. They may be small or large, simple or detailed, but they should always have meaning to both tattoo artist and client.

The best tattoo designs come from artists who take their time with their work, who know what they want to do before they ever put pen to paper (or a machine to the skin).

For a Great Tattoo, You Need To Know The Basics

Tattooing is an ancient art form and has changed over time as cultures have merged together. Many of these changes are because of what symbolizes death in different regions around the world. For example, a skull tattoo that represents death in Mexico may not symbolize the same thing as it does in Europe.

This means you should be aware of what your tattoo might represent to different people and cultures. It is also important because some symbols have a deeper meaning than others. For example, if you are getting a cross on your chest, add more meaning by getting a Latin cross or one that represents Christianity.

Stunning Tattoo Ideas Start With Creativity

Once you have the basics down, it is time to get creative! One way to do this is by incorporating symbols from other cultures into your tattoo design. This creates a unique look and can make for an interesting conversation starter! For example, if you are designing a sun tattoo on your arm, make it a Tibetan sun tattoo and include the mantra om mani padme hum in your design.

Make sure to do some research before you get started because tattoos are permanent and bad decisions and mistakes can be costly. There is not enough space here for all of the different things that could go wrong so I will just encourage you to be careful and do your research.

Do The People Love Your Tattoo Ideas?

If the tattoo is for yourself, it can be a good idea to show your design off on social media because this gives people an opportunity to comment on what they like or don’t like about your design in order to give feedback that will help make the final product better! Just remember not everyone who has a tattoo is going to be so easy-going about it and not everyone will like what you have done.

If you are concerned about putting your potentially cool designs on social media, find some friends you can confide in; people who will provide an honest opinion and get their honest feedback. Basically, you should get some input to help you make a decision. It is better to have an idea in place before you sit down with a tattoo artist; that way you save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Heeding The Best Tattoo Design Tips

You can come up with a great tattoo by brainstorming some ideas and then whittling them down to the best ones. Think about what you want it to symbolize, think of a quote or motto that would be meaningful for you, do something special like incorporating your favorite animal into the design idea so that you can always have them with you, or just do what feels right to you.

You don’t want your tattoo to be generic or common because then it’s not special enough for how much effort went into the design process. And of course, steer clear of anything that would come across as offensive; unless you are prepared for the pushback!

Colored Ink Makes Them Blink And Think!

Make sure to add some color to your tattoo. You can do this by adding borders, or just using different colors to fill the design in with detail.

You’ll also want to use a type of ink that is appropriate for tattoos and won’t fade quickly because you don’t want to have it start looking blurry after only a few months. Make sure there are no solvents that could irritate your skin or cause allergies.

Colored Tattoos

Be Smart With Your Tattoo Art From The Start!

If you want, you can also go to a tattoo parlor and ask an artist for help with the design process. You might be surprised by how many people will offer their services when they find out what it is you’re looking for!

To easiest way to figure out what you want is to start with the question, “What type of tattoos inspire you?” Religious tattoos, traditional tattoos, finger tattoos, snake tattoos, anchor tattoos, or zodiac signs? Or, are you paying homage to a loved one? Are you representing your favorite team? Your Fraternity or Sorority? By narrowing down the why question, you will notice how easily you get your creative juices flowing.

Getting Your First Tattoo Right

The first time you get inked, it should be an eye-catching design that first and foremost grabs your attention. If you don’t like your own tattoo, why should anyone else? People who get a tattoo generally have a deep meaning in mind as to why. For example, the widow of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant, and her daughter Natalia got tattoos together to honor their late husband, father, daughter, and sister, who both tragically perished in a helicopter crash.

Tattoo Ideas
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Their custom tattoos have several meanings, but the thing that stands out is how their tattoos are best described as beautifully subtle designs. Your fist tattoo may or may not have such a deep meaning, but it should definitely be the type of body art that you are proud of.

What Body Part Should You Get Tattooed?

The whole thought that there is a most popular tattoo location is not true. If you tracked this industry for an extended period of time, you will find that it is all about what a tattoo artist does with a tattoo design and not so much where they put it.

A lot of people assume that tattoos should be done in a certain area because tradition dictates so – women get their necks inked while men have them on their chest or arms. This may work for some people, but there are no specific rules to this game. With that said, the following is an exhaustive list of tattoo areas to be considered.

List of Tattoo Body Parts

Here Is Your Grown Ups Warning - Heed This Advice

DULY NOTE: your decision to place your tattoo has many variables. If you work in a corporate environment where body art is frowned upon, your placement had better be discreet! It’s the same with a religious organization, having political aspirations, and private clubs. Moreover, certain families are quite traditional and will not accept their child dating or marrying a person with a tattoo. The point being, make sure that you take such factors into consideration when deciding on your tattoo location.

Who Can Legally Get Inked Or Pierced?

In the United States, everything is always attached to laws, even if you don’t know the laws, you are expected to abide by them. There is a saying, “ignorance of the law is no excuse!” There are two areas we need to cover concerning tattoos; the age at which a person can get a tattoo and which states require tattoo artists to be licensed.

Choosing a Tattoo Artist

Here are the things you need to know to properly choose a tattoo artist. In all states, the person receiving the tattoo must meet the legal age requirements. Those requirements include but are not limited to tattoos and body piercing, and they include State Laws, Statutes, and Regulations. Make sure that you meet the legal requirements before proceeding forward. You can view the list by following this link: Tattooing and Body Piercing | State Laws, Statutes and, Regulations.

Which Tattoo Artists Need a License And What Not?

The next issue is whether or not the tattoo artist is required by his or her state to be licensed. And if so, to what degree? Here is a list of the things some states require in order for a person to become a licensed tattoo artist in their state.

Every state is different; some states have no requirements, but there are requirements locally. Make sure YOU know the laws before you proceed. To see the complete list that covers every state, follow this link. State Requirements To Obtain a Tattoo License.

The Intangibles of Great Tattoo Artists

The final points concerning this issue refer to a tattoo artist’s experience. Do they have a portfolio? What is their skill level? Stay away from hiring an amateur. We’re talking about piercing your skin, potential infections, and bacteria; and as such, you want a professional.

What about the tattoo artist’s integrity? They need to be trustworthy. What is their tattooing style? Do they ask you for input and listen to what you want? You’re the one who will wear this tattoo on your body so it’s important that it reflects YOU, not someone else At Red Ink Tattoos, we believe that you should take your time to find the right tattoo artist!

Stand Out With a Custom Tattoo!

When it’s all said and done, the flash tattoos and premade tattoo designs boil down to amateur day. Granted, some of the most popular tattoo designs are aesthetically pleasing, but tens of thousands of people are sporting those same tattoos.

This is why the professional tattoo artists at Red Ink Tattoos only inks premade tattoo designs if a client insists on getting inked with the tattoos that everyone else has. A custom tattoo sets you apart from the tattoo wearing masses. You get what you want, not someone else’s tattoo design that they think is cool.

An Exceptional Tattoo Artist Is Hard To Come By

Good luck in finding a tattoo artist who can take your ideas and transform them into an artistic masterpiece. That’s like finding someone who can paint like Picasso. Designing custom tattoos is no easy task; the artistry side takes a special talent that cannot be trained.

In fact, it can be downright difficult to find an artist with the time and the wherewithal to create something original. They’re so busy servicing clients that you will need to book an appointment way in advance and, make sure that you show up on time.

People Travel Long Ways For The Best Tattoo Artists

You might not know this, but some tattoo artists are so great that people travel thousands of miles to get tattooed by these artists. Additionally, they also pay these artists to fly out to them; it’s worth it because they are paying for the best!

In the tattoo design world, you can’t have just any tattoo artist doing your tattoo. You want to make sure that they are gifted, talented, disciplined, and experienced; that way you end up with a tattoo design that makes you proud.

How To Ruin Your Body Part With Bad Body Art

One of the main reasons people ruin their first tattoo or subsequent tattoos is because they don’t take the process seriously enough. The path they take usually goes like this.

  • They assume that all tattoo artists are the same
  • They stumble into the first tattoo parlor they come across
  • They know nothing about the tattoo artist

If you didn’t know, there is a whole tattoo niche where professional tattooers are hired to do tattoo coverups. Most of those projects are due to people choosing inexperienced tattoo artists. Take your time and get this process right the first time. If budget is a concern, just hold off until your money is right.

Tattoo Art Is Body Art From The Heart!

One of the most important takeaways to grasp about getting a fabulous tattoo is that your body is the canvas. The tattoo gun is the artist’s paintbrush and the artist is either a Picasso or a pencil stick sketcher with a lot to learn, or possibly somewhere in between.

Don’t allow anyone to design and etch your body art; choose your tattoo artist wisely. If you have any questions, contact us at Red Ink Tattoos, we’re happy to help you.