Piercing Shops Near Me
Pointers To Help You Find The Best Piercer!

Sifting Through The "Piercing Shops Near Me"

Piercing Shops Near Me

When it comes to getting pierced, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to get it done. BUT! Before you make that decision, you have to prepare yourself so that you do not fall for any of the “piercing shops near me” misleading advertisements.

Whether you are searching online VIA your phone, tablet, or desktop, you will generally type in keywords related to piercing. Keywords such as:

  • piercings near me
  • cartilage piercing
  • piercing shops
  • piercing places near me
  • piercing for migraines
  • tattoo and piercing near me
  • piercing earrings

BUT! Under no circumstances are you to have confidence that the results presented to you by the search engines are piercers worthy of your trust. There are certain things YOU must be on the lookout for if you want this to be a pleasant, safe and enjoyable experience.

Pointer #1: Understand The 6 Types of Body Piercing

The first pointer is understanding the types of piercing. This is a crucial step that helps you know what to look for and what questions to ask. Remember, your skin is being pierced, consequently, just like getting a tattoo, you need to have a level of intelligence.

Ears –

The most common types of ear piercing are the lobe, tragus, helix, and conch. Of course, each one has a specific location on your ears to be pierced through for optimal placement. The ear pierce can range from simple studs earrings to more intricate designs such as cartilage piercing or otoplasty.

Oral –

Tongues are one of the most popular types of oral piercing. Thanks to the abundant blood supply, the majority of oral piercings recover fast. Nonetheless, quite a few piercings introduce the probability of gum or teeth problems. You should consult your dentist immediately if you discover any change to your gums or teeth. 

Facial –

The popularity of getting jewelry attached to the face is a level of art some people feel called to experience. As an artistic person, you had better have some amazing friends in your life; because others may misjudge you and it’s great to have their support.

Genitalia –

Getting genitalia pierced has become extremely popular these days. Many say it enhances sexual pleasure. Keep in mind, you may be out of copulation commission for anywhere from four to six weeks, up to six months, or more.

Lips –

Social media has popularized attaching lip rings and studs to the lips. There is an aftercare process that you must follow. Make sure that you stick to it!

Surface –

This artistry is created on flat surfaces of your body. It includes an entrance hole and an exit hole, with the entrance being in close proximity to the exit on the skin surface. The navel is a common area to see this type of artwork.

Pointer #2: What Type of Piercing Shop Should You Go To?

The type of shop you’re considering will be determined by which six of the piercings that you are desiring to achieve.

Some shops only specialize in ears, others don’t do face or genitalia.

Make sure that the shop you choose has a talented artist and can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Lip Piercing

As a client, if you need to contact them, can you? What hours is their shop open. Do they have a jewelry store? The best body piercing locations are professional from top to bottom. Your money spent with them is well worth it.

Pointer #3: Rules Piercing Shops MUST Live By!

To be crystal clear, the best piercing shops live by these rules! You want to make sure that you are in good hands before your skin is ever pierced. Any true piercing professional will take pride in their work. That means they treat their customers like a loved family member. If you have concerns, they address them.

Their clients don’t have issues with infections, which is common amongst untrained, unskilled, and non-professional piercing artists. Here is a list of the things the best piercing shops will have when you visit them.

The Must Haves For The Top Shops!

  • They MUST autoclave their needles
  • They MUST run regular spore tests on their autoclave
  • They MUST have their autoclave certificate readily available to view
  • They MUST only use needles once and dispose of them
  • They MUST use new jewelry
  • They MUST use medical-grade jewelry
  • They MUST properly sterilize their jewelry
  • They MUST say “NO” to using piercing guns
  • They MUST have received professional training to pierce
  • They MUST be experienced at piercing
  • They MUST provide you with aftercare instructions
  • They MUST meet all of the local, state, and federal rules, laws, and regulations
  • They MUST be licensed if required by law
  • They MUST keep their shop sanitized, sterile and clean

Make sure that you choose a professional piercer who is interested in you becoming his or her next happy client.

professional piercer

Pointer #4: The Best Tattoo Shops Often Have a Piercer Onsite

Tattoo and Piercing Artist

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the best tattoo shops have tattoo artists who do tattooing and body piercing.

Their artists truly love the art of tattoos and body piercing. Consequently, try looking for the best tattoo shops as opposed to only searching for a piercing shop.

You may end up with a new tattoo while getting pierced, who knows! You can tell a great tattoo shop from a mediocre one based on how the tattoo artists conduct business. The shop should abide by the Safe Piercing procedures.

Pointer #5: Word of Mouth And The Amazing Tattoo Shop

Tattoo and piercing have become the picture of a perfect marriage. The clients who have the pleasure of experiencing the best of both worlds will tell you that it is an exhilarating adventure. When a tattoo artist has built a positive word-of-mouth reputation, it speaks volumes to their level of excellence.

Their portfolio will include hundreds of photos of happy clients who walked in unsure but left out giddy as kids in a candy store. Tattoos go hand in hand with piercing because they serve some of the same clients.

Use Bing, Google, And Yelp To Start Your Search

Every big city has shops near major thoroughfares. You can search for them using Yelp, Bing, and Google. Check out their websites to get an indication of the type of services they provide.

As we previously stated, look for the best tattoos in your city and you will likely find the best piercing shops near me. Going forward, we hope this free information has helped you make a decision that you will be happy about for the rest of your life.