Your Tattoo Appointment
10 Points To Cover Before You Arrive!

It’s about to happen; you’re days away from entering into the glorious Red Ink Tattoos Studio – to finally make your tattoo dreams come true. Regardless of whether you’re getting a new tattoo or just need to get your old one updated, there are ten key areas you’ll want to address before gracing us with your incredible presence.

1. Mind Preparation 101

Getting a tattoo for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Be sure you are totally ready to get your tattoo, both mentally and physically. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours (2 days) prior and we will transfer your reservation to a new date. Remember; tattoos are permanent, please be sure that you’re ready to commit for life.

2. Have Your Paperwork.

Make sure you bring the necessary documents when you come in. When required by law, we will need an original copy of your birth certificate, your driver’s license, and other required documents. Lastly, make sure you have a form of payment, such as a credit card, cash, Zelle cash App, etc.

3. Be Rested

The last place you want to fall asleep is in the tattoo artist’s chair; it throws off everyone’s schedule, including yours. Additionally, how will we know if you are not suffering from a medical condition? Consequently, get some rest the night before your appointment. Avoid coming into the tattoo studio suffering from exhaustion or sleep deprivation. 

4. Calling In Sick

In life, things happen! If you’re sick, coughing, sneezing, or not feeling right, please don’t come in. We’re stating this in the most respectful way possible. Bear in mind, you need to call us and let us know as opposed to just being a no-show-no-call. No shows negatively impact everyone; consequently, we do require 48-hour advance notice, but we can discuss things if the situation is extenuating.

5. Quench You Hunger and Thirst

Need a Snicker?

No seriously! Make sure you are hydrated and have had a meal before your appointment.

You may be seated for a while, for that reason we strongly suggest that you enjoy a meal before coming into Red Ink Tattoos Studio.

As an alternative, bring some snacks with you.

Eating an adequate meal will prevent you from being distracted due to your stomach growling.

Also, if your suffering from hunger pains, it might cause you to experience headaches or other symptoms.

Tattoo Appointment

6. Time Management

Depending on the size and how intricate your tattoo is, it could take hours. Planning for your tattoo to take up a substantial amount of time can be one way to prevent last-minute anxiety. Striving for perfection is more satisfying than giving up halfway through and settling for a mediocre result.

7. Dress Accordingly

Since you may be sitting still for an extensive period of time, wear clothes that are comfortable; loose-fitting is better. Also, duly note that ink may occasionally splash, spray or spatter, as a result, wear something you won’t be upset about spattering ink on.

8. This Is a Non-Alcohol Appointment

Although many people love a great beer, some aromatic wine, and every now and then, some old fashion Kentucky made whiskey, your tattoo appointment is a non-alcoholic appointment. We ask that you come in sober, and that includes no hangovers, please! Medically speaking, alcohol in the bloodstream can lead to heavier bleeding and prevent tattoo ink from staying on the skin. Simply put, tattoos + alcohol make a bad combination!

9. I Don't Understand What That Means

When working with a tattoo design that uses a foreign language, please work with a translator to ensure you fully understand what is being written. Members of our staff are unable to validate your translation, but we’re eager to work with you on creating the items required for your tattoo.

10. Clean Shaven

In some cases, tattoos cannot be applied to an area until it is shaved. With the areas that require pre-shaving, keep in mind, if you cut yourself, we cannot tattoo that area. The best solution is to contact us first to discuss your needs. If necessary, we will shave the area that is being tattooed

Tattoo Appointment Policy:

Because we have limited time and space in our studio, Red Ink Tattoo requires a deposit for all drawings and bookings. However, consultations will never cost you. In terms of booking a tattoo appointment, the general rule is as follows.

  • For appointment times of up to 1 hour, a $50 deposit is required.
  • For appointments over 1 hour but less than three hours, a $100 deposit is required.
  • For appointments that last 3 hours but less than 4 hours, a $150 deposit is required.
  • A deposit of $200 is required for appointments requiring more than 4 hours.

All deposits are non-refundable; this protects us from booking appointments with no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

If you must change the date or time of your scheduled appointment, your funds can be transferred provided that you give us a minimum of a 48-hour notification. We allow a one-time to reschedule your appointment within a 6 month period, without incurring any additional charges. These policies are non-negotiable.

We thank you for your cooperation, understanding, pleasantness, and respect.